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At Ibupreneur we believe in our motto "Delivering Quality Products". This translates in the way we bake & creates all our products.

  • Premium baking ingredients are used in all our products
  • We use high quality cling wrap to ensure our products stay fresh all the time
  • We make sure that each production of cake are not monopolized by only one "Ibu" to ensure consistent improvements in all our products
  • And we ensure to a 3-working day delivery post purchase, except courier shipment. 

Refund Policy

Refund Types

Ibupreneur Malaysia will process your refund according to the following refund types:

1. Refunds from cancelled orders
2. Refund from wrong payment
3. Refund from failed deliveries
4. Refund from less desirable product state (eg: smushed products, moldy)

If by any chance you happen to experience these situation, we will need you to email us at [email protected] or contact us at +60 11-2118 8495 and we will process your refund. Thank you!

Refund Process

Once the refund is requested and accepted, Ibupreneur will start to process the refund. Please take note that all refunds will only be credited as your store credit (as in vouchers). The processing time will take around 1 - 7 days. Thank you!

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